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Since 1987, Karcher the world's leading and largest manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment have supplied us with our tools and main cleaning agent. Other equipment and materials come from various firms we have been trading with since we were established in 1983.


Detailed below is a basic description of how carpets, rugs and upholstery are cleaned by us, but we will still need to survey every item to be cleaned before any order is taken.


Once any small items or furniture and surface items have been removed by you, our our cleaning will begin by pre-treating a clear area with our main cleaning solution leaving several minutes for the solution to work on the soiling throughout the pile. While this is happening, any rust marks, draught marks, blue tack, candle wax and any other number of stains are dealt with the appropriate chemical. Next the soiling and staining and any chemicals used are rinsed out with our Hot Water extraction machine which may pass over the same pile up to 10 times to remove 99+% of the soil and stains from your carpet. Following this the pile is re-set with a carpet groom then any furniture replaced with protectors where needed to stop rust marks or furniture dye bleeding into the pile. Then we are ready to move onto the next part of the carpet and repeat the process until the whole room is finished before we start on the next room or area of your home.

Drying time: Mostly end of following day / can use immediately.


Before any cleaning starts the surface on which the rug is to be cleaned is fully protected with the appropriate canvas or plastic sheeting. The cleaning process is much the same as that used for fitted carpets except that with smaller or thinner rugs we find the the smaller hand extraction tool works better on these items. If the rug has fringes these will be cleaned as well, unknotted and combed back straight along with re-setting the pile with the carpet groom. Finally the rug is placed on a plastic sheet to protect the surface it is to dry out on.

Drying time: Mostly within 2 days / can use immediately.


As with rug cleaning the surface the upholstery to be cleaned on is properly protected along with any other items if we are working in a smaller room. The frame and cushions are pre-treated with the main cleaning solution much like with the carpet cleaning and starting with the largest frame, the fabric is rinsed with the hand-tool of the extraction machine removing soiling build-ups and the cleaning solutions applied. Once the cleaning process is finished the frames are put back in their normal position to dry out and the cushions on plastic sheeting laid flat to dry out. You will need to turn the cushions the following morning to dry the reverse side.

Drying time: Mostly end of following day / use end of following day.

Protection Products

We will not recommend any of these products such as stain protectors or dust mite protectors etc. as they have limited properties. It is better to put 100% effort into the cleaning!

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