About Garlands

Established in 1983 by Colin Garland, we have continuously maintained high standards and improved where ever possible through experience right through to today. Over this period 100's of firms big and small have come and gone but only a handful can bring 20+ years of experience to their existing and new customers.

Since beginning we have completed over 7000 orders, almost all within a twenty mile radius of Reading and currently have around 2000 existing customers. Our aim is to always to complete a clean to a standard where replacement can be avoided for many years making savings of £1000s to you by choosing a firm that cuts no corners.

Because we are completely independent, the equipment and chemicals used are from the best suppliers in their individual fields; a relationship built up over the years, As for the type of work we do, 99% is in the home. So we are well used to taking care of furnishing and valuables as an order progresses through your home.

Most importantly, all enquiries are surveyed before any order is placed so we can let you know what we can do and on occasion when we can't remove the hardest of stains or where a carpet or fabric is not suitable for cleaning, Also the right amount of time to do a clean can only be assessed by looking at the items first after which an order can be taken if you are happy with our quotation.

Once you have your quotation, the price is fixed so there will be no add-ons or hard selling of furniture protectors, charging for moving furniture or other such practices. In addition there will be no VAT to pay as we are below the VAT threshold.

To arrange your quotation and free advice please contact us on one of our phone lines and we will endeavour to be with you the same day or next up to 7:30 pm being our last call.